Learn how the Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) and Challenge Questions keep your online banking transactions protected.
Learn more about M2U's Challenge Questions

What is a Challenge Question?
It is a security feature which adds protection for M2U users. This is set up, along with the picture security, during M2U enrollment.

Why do I need to know the answers from my Challenge Questions?
These answers help the bank further verify your identification. The questions will just be asked when the system thinks that financial transaction is suspicious. It provides another layer of online authentication aside from Transaction Authorization Code (TAC).

How do I change my Challenge Question?
You can change your challenge question anytime. Below are the steps to update your challenge questions:

  1. Click Account Maintenance box
  2. Choose Update Challenge Questions tab
  3. Identify three (3) Challenge Questions and answers
  4. Click Next
  5. Request for TAC
  6. Key in the TAC in the field provided
  7. Click Confirm

Will I expect challenge question every time I do transactions?
No. Challenge questions will only be asked for transactions that are suspicious.

What is the difference between TAC and Challenge Questions?
TAC is mandatory for all non-favorite transaction. This is the first layer of M2U to ensure the authenticity of the transaction. While challenge question is system generated and only asked once the online transaction is deemed suspicious.

Can I turn off the challenge question?
As an additional security feature, M2U users cannot turn off the challenge question notification.

What happens if I enter wrong answers?
Your session will automatically be logged out on your 4th attempt. As a security precaution, your account will be deactivated. To reactivate access, M2U users are advised to contact Maybank Call Center at +632 8588-3888 or 1800 10 5883888 for PLDT Toll Free.

The screen shows error when I tried to enter the answer for my challenge question, what should I do?
An error page may happen because of any of the following reasons:

  • Your answer is incorrect. Answer to challenge questions are case sensitive.
  • You have exceeded the maximum number of tries.
  • There was a communication timeout / internet disconnection.

If error persists, you are advised to contact Maybank Call Center at +632 8588-3888 or 1800 10 5883888 for PLDT Toll Free.

About TAC

What is a Transaction Authorization Code (TAC)? 

Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) is a unique 6-digit computer-generated code that serves as a security measure to confirm certain transactions online.

Does my TAC expire? 

Your TAC will expire in 15 minutes or upon log-out whichever is shorter.

How can I change my registered mobile number? 

You can change your registered mobile number at the Maybank branch where you initially enrolled your M2U.

What is the valid TAC SMS number?

Your TAC should come from Maybank.

When is TAC required?
The following are the transactions that require TAC:

Transaction NameDescription
Bills Payment
One Time Payment
To pay your bills not registered on your favorite list.
Manage Favorite Billers To add new biller to your favorite biller list
Fund Transfer
Third Party Account Transfer
To transfer funds to any Maybank Third Party Account
Add Favorite Third Party Account To add new Third Party Account to your favorite third party list
New Interbank Fund Transfer To transfer funds to any BancNet member banks
Add Favorite Interbank Fund Transfer To add new Interbank Fund Transfer account to your Favorite InterbankTransfer list
Cash Card Reload To reload your Maybank Cash Card
Linking of Maybank Account
To link your own Maybank Accounts online


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