Malware is a type of malicious software that aims to disrupt the operation of the targeted system.
How this scam works?

Hackers often use malware to stealthy steal information and can go as beyond as destroying information. Common examples of malware are as follows:    

Virus: Malicious code or software which usually infects a computer without permission or knowledge of the user. Viruses can cause unexpected and undesirable damage to the computer if it is not adequately protected.

Adware: Is a program that displays or download unwanted advertisement when the user is online. This software collects marketing data without the victim’s knowledge or redirect the web search request to certain advertising site.

Spyware: Software that covertly gathers user information through the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge. Spyware are usually bundled as a hidden component of programs downloaded from the Internet.

Worms: A type of malware that replicate itself and spread to other computer. The intention is to eat up the operating system data, increase network traffic and corrupt the files of the targeted system.

Trojan: A type of malware that disguise itself as a safe program. With this the user will think that it is safe to use or run the application. The malware is programmed to steal information, and take over the victim’s system files.

Ransomware: An advance type of malware that prevents the victim to access his/her computer. When the system is infected by a ransomware, user can’t access everything (data, files, etc.) on the computer. The user needs to pay to restore / or remove the restriction on the system.

How do I protect myself?
  • Always ensure that you install an effective anti-virus software from an established vendor. Scan your computer regularly.
  • Always ensure that you update the virus definition or signature file in your computer regularly.
  • Do not download any file or software from sites which are of unknown origin.
  • Delete junk or chain emails. Do not open email attachments from unknown senders.
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