05  July 2018
Standard format of date on checks effective July 1, 2018

 Per PCHC Memos CICS OM No. 18-021, MC 3436 and MC 3437, effective JULY 1, 2018, the standard format of date written on checks shall be as follows:

  1. Entirely Numeric Format

Written in purely numeric form and shall read as MONTH-DAY-YEAR sequence

MM-DD-YYYY or MM-DD-YY, regardless of the form of separator symbol (e.g. back slash (/), asterisk (*), dash (-), point (.), etc.), as shown below:         

  1. Alpha-Numeric Format

Written in full or abbreviated month, as shown below:

Checks not written in standard date formats as mentioned above shall no longer be accepted.

Note: All post-dated Checks (PDCs) bearing a non-standard date format but have accepted and warehoused prior to July 1, 2018 shall continue to be accepted until paid/negotiated.

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