Card Skimming is a modus operandi were fraudsters illegally collect information from the magnetic stripe of the victims' card. Various skimming devices were used to ATM to steal account information.
How this scam works?

Skimmer often use several device to steal information. Common examples of these devices are as follows:

Fake card reader: Skimmer usually replicate the original looks of the card reader and place it over the existing card reader of the ATM. A chip is usually attached to this device to record customers' data.

PIN recorder- There are two types of PIN recorder; keyboard overlay and hidden camera. Both device were used to capture PIN of the victim, the only difference is on how they record the data. Keyboard overlay is usually placed over the ATM pad while hidden camera is placed on top, side or sometimes above the screen of the ATM.

Others Schemes:

Metal bard and fruit sap were also used to disrupt ATM’s cash dispense. Whenever a withdrawal was made, bills were trapped on the bar inside the machine, which perpetrators would retrieve once the victim has left.

How do I protect myself?
  • Never use your ATM card on secluded locations.
  • Check the physical appearance of the ATM before using it. If you encounter any suspicious device attached, do not use the ATM and report it immediately to the nearest authority.
  • Report to your bank any lost ATM/credit card.
  • Never use your personal information like your birthday as your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
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