1. Open a new regular savings account* with Maybank from July 24 to December 31, 2018 and get to earn 200 AirAsia BIG Member points for every P50,000 month-to-date average daily balance** maintained in the account. This promo applies for individual accounts only.
    1. To register to AirAsia BIG (AAB) program, Maybank depositors who will open a savings account within the promo period will get an SMS within 24 hours from account opening containing the client’s unique reference code and link to AAB site (
    1. Every month, client will get earned points reflected in their AAB account.  These points may be consolidated with other AAB member points earned from flights and may be redeemed using AAB’s standard promotional flights and in-store items. (Subject to existing terms and conditions of AirAsia BIG Loyalty Program.)
    1. The BIG Points, BIG Member account and/or the Rewards shall be subject to BIG’s terms and conditions which may be viewed at (“BIG Website”).
    1. AAB points are not convertible to cash.
    1. Any request for adjustment of AAB points is subject to Maybank Philippines Inc’s approval. MPI is entitled, without liability or prior notice, to rectify any errors in the calculation and awarding of AAB points. All questions or disputes regarding the account holder’s eligibility for the promo or for any redemption shall be resolved by MPI with the concurrence of DTI.
    1. This promo cannot be availed in conjunction with other existing promotions or is covered by special arrangement with the Bank.
    1. The corresponding taxes will be paid by MPI where applicable.
    1. MPI’s decision, in concurrence with DTI regarding the promo and all matters related to or connected with it, will be deemed final and non-negotiable.
    2. Terms and conditions under this promo are subject to all relevant laws, government directions and regulations existing in the Philippines.

    *A regular savings account gives an interest rate equivalent to 0.25% p.a. therefore qualified products are Classic savings account, Flexi payroll, MPI Payroll, MPI Officers Payroll, Special Rise Savings, Value Savings, Money2U ATM account, PVAO-Old age, PVAO-Death pension, PVAO-Disability, PVAO-Educational, Yippie/IM Teen savings, Save N’ Protect, SSS Pension A/C, US Veteran’s Pension, Combo Personal Savings, Combo Commercial Savings and I-save, a digital only account available starting August 1, 2018.
    **Month-to-date average daily balance (MTD ADB) is the amount used by banks to compute interest on deposit balances.

    MTD-ADB Computation
    Amount of Deposit X No. of Calendar Days deposited in account

     No. of Calendar Days in a month

    DTI-FTEB Permit No. 13667 Series of 2018.

    Not an AirAsia Big Member yet?

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    1. How will you earn AirAsia BIG (AAB) Points?

    You can start earning AAB Points if you maintain at least P50,000 in your Maybank savings account.                                   

    2. How much AAB Points can you earn?

    You get to earn 200 AAB Points for every P50,000 maintained in your Maybank savings account. The higher your month-to-date average daily balance, the higher the AAB points earned. There is no limit on the number of AAB points that can be earned.

    3. When are AAB points credited to your AAB account?

    AAB Points will be credited to your AAB Account within 15 days of the following month.

    4. How much AAB Points should you have to start redeeming?

    There is no minimum requirement. However, should you wish to avail flights, the minimum is 500 AAB Points for one-way and 1,000 AAB Points for roundtrip. You may also purchase AAB Points to top-up the balance you need. 

    5.You want to redeem for a ticket, but do not have enough AAB points. Can you pay the remaining amount?

    Yes, you can pay the remaining amount with cash or using your credit card under the Points + Cash redemption. To find out more about AirAsia BIG points redemption, you may visit

    6. How many AAB points should you earn to get to go to a specific destination?

    For 50,000 AAB Points, you can already avail a roundtrip ticket to Korea! To know the other destinations and AAB Points, see the table below.


    *Listed are sample destinations corresponding to the distance and the amount of AAB points needed to redeem a roundtrip ticket.


    7. Can you use your AAB Points to redeem flights during AirAsia’s seat sale?

    Yes, you can! AirAsia’s monthly seat sale, Final Call, happens every 1st week of the month where flights go up to 90% off of the fixed points requirement.

    8. How will you sign up for the AirAsia BIG (AAB) Membership?

    Within 24 hours from account opening, you will receive an SMS containing a unique reference number and a link to the AAB Membership sign up page. Upon accessing the link, you can proceed to input your unique reference number in the Customer Reference No field along with the other necessary fields and submit. A screen shot of the AAB Membership page is found below.


    IMPORTANT: Make sure to provide your mobile number to the Maybank representative and have them keep it securely on file. The correct format is 09xxxxxxxxx. NO MOBILE NUMBER; NO AIRASIA AAB POINTS.

    9. What is the sign up process for AAB Membership?

    In order to sign up for an AAB Membership, you have to: (1) Access the link sent to your mobile number, (2) Fill in your personal details, (3) Set-up your security details (login ID and password) then click the Submit button, (4) Verify your email address then (5) Login to complete your application process.

    10. If you are an existing AAB Member, will your existing AAB Points along with the AAB Points earned from opening a Maybank Savings account be pooled?

    Yes, once you log in using the link that was sent to your mobile number, your AAB Points will automatically be combined.


    *To find out more about AirAsia BIG points, you may visit


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