Reward Redemption:

Cardholder's Name: Mobile Number: Last 6 digits of Credit Card: Card Type: Preferred Reward:

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Rewards Redemption Program is open to ALL Maybank Credit Cardholders (“Cardholder/s”) whose accounts are active and in good credit standing.
  2. To qualify for the Program, Cardholder must use his/her Maybank Credit Card for any of the following transactions:
    1. Local/Retail Transactions (straight or installment)
    2. Online purchases
    3. Foreign currency purchases
    4. Mail Order/Telephone Order
  1. Transactions including EzyCash, EzyConvert, EzyTransfer, e-wallet loading, interest fees, tagged as fraud, rewards redemptions, processing fees, cash credits, casino & gambling, quasi-cash, and similar transactions are excluded from this program.
  2. Cardholder will earn 1x TreatsPoints for every Php25 spend using his/her Maybank Credit Card.
  3. Minimum TreatsPoints and its equivalent Miles, Cash Credit, and eGift Voucher are as follows:
    1. Miles

    Card Type


    KrisFlyer / Enrich / AsiaMiles

    AirAsia Rewards

    Maybank Visa Infinite

    4,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    4,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    2,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    Maybank Platinum

    6,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    5,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    3,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    Maybank Gold

    9,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    8,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    6,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    Maybank Manchester United

    9,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    8,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    6,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    Maybank Classic/Standard

    12,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    11,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    9,000 TPs = 1,000 Miles

    1. Cash Credit

      Applicable to ALL Maybank Credit Card types:

      • 8,000 TreatsPoints = Php500 Cash Credit

        Conversion to Cash Credit shall be in multiples of Php500    

    1. eGift Voucher

      Applicable to ALL Maybank Credit Card types:

      • 8,000 TreatsPoints = Php500 eGift Voucher

        Conversion to eGift Voucher shall be in multiples of Php500  

  4. To request for the conversion of earned TreatsPoints, Cardholder must input the required details on the above form. Cardholder will be asked to provide the following:
    1. Cardholder’s Name
    2. Mobile Number
    3. Last 6 Digits of Credit Card Number
    4. Card Type
    5. Preferred Reward (eGift Voucher / Miles / Cash Credit)
    6. TreatsPoints to Convert
  5. Upon submission of request, Maybank Philippines Inc. (MPI) will process request of Cardholder within 30 calendar days for conversion to Miles; and 7 to 10 banking days for conversion to cashback or eGift Voucher.
  6. Once conversion of TreatsPoints has been processed by MPI, Cardholder will receive:

    Miles or Cash Credit

    SMS notification from sender MAYBANKPH


    eGift Voucher

    eGift code from Giftaway via his/her registered mobile number and email, with a link on how to use his redemption code. Specific redemption instructions are provided by the merchant.

    List of participating stores may be viewed via

  7. MPI shall only process Cardholder’s request if indicated TreatsPoints to be converted is:
    1. within the minimum required TreatsPoints and;
    2. lower than or equivalent to his/her total earned TreatsPoints
  1. MPI’s Terms and Conditions for Miles and Cash Credit shall apply:
  2. Giftaway’s Terms and Conditions for eGift Voucher shall apply:
  3. By joining this program, the Cardholder confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of this Rewards Redemption Program.
  4. For concerns on the promo or Credit Card account, you may e-mail Maybank Customer Service at or call (02) 8588-3888.