Simplify your finances with Maybank Credit Card and Maybank EzyTransfer (Balance Transfer) and get up to Php5,000 discount!
    Promo Mechanics
    1. Promo is open to existing Maybank clients targeted via SMS, and who will reply “APPLY YES” on or before July 31, 2021.
    1. Maybank Principal Credit Cardholders who applied through this promo may apply for EzyTransfer (Balance Transfer) at 0.25% monthly add-on rate, and will get to enjoy as much as P5,000, or 10% of the balance transfer amount as discount, whichever is lower. Maximum discount varies depending on the type of card approved. 

    Maximum Discount per card type

    Maybank Credit Card Classic

    Up to Php 1,000 discount

    Maybank Credit Card Gold and Manchester United Credit Card

    Up to Php 2,500 discount

    Maybank Credit Card Platinum

    Up to Php 5,000 discount


    1. Conditions for EzyTransfer:
      1. Subject to a minimum transfer amount of P5,000, and maximum of 80% of available credit limit
      2. Eligibility to apply for EzyTransfer starts by the 3rd month from card approval date.
    1. Other Maybank EzyTransfer details related to this promo:
      1. Choose from 12 months to 36 months term
      2. Earn TreatsPoints equivalent to 1 TreatsPoints for every Php250 of balance transferred amount. TreatsPoints shall be applicable only for the 1st availment of the EzyTransfer.
      3. Enjoy waived processing fee for Maybank EzyTransfer transaction.
    1. All Maybank Credit Card and EzyTransfer applications are subject to standard credit evaluation and processing
    1. For Maybank Credit Card applications qualified for EzyTransfer, an SMS notification will be sent as a reminder of the exclusive balance transfer offer.
    1. All MPI employees, including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.
    1. This promo cannot be availed in conjunction with other existing promotions of Maybank Credit Card.

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    Customer Undertaking

    I hereby acknowledge and agree that by signing this application, or supplementary card application, by calling to request for card activation, or by signing or using my Maybank Credit Card, I signify my understanding of, and my agreement to be bound by, the Terms and Conditions for Maybank Credit Card. I authorize Maybank Philippines, Inc., its agents and service providers to conduct inquiries on the information and documents I have provided with any source as it deems appropriate and to have access to information and records relating to me contained in any government or private records, including but not limited to tax, employment, or financial records and to secure copies thereof. I understand that falsifying any information on the enclosed documents is sufficient ground for legal action and for rejection of my application. I understand that should my application be denied, Maybank Philippines, Inc. has no obligation to furnish the reason for my rejection. Furthermore, I acknowledge that in case of issuance of a Supplementary Card, I hold myself jointly and severally responsible for all obligations, charges and liabilities incurred by my Supplementary Cardholders and that, in the event of delinquency, I hereby authorize Maybank Philippines, Inc., to report and include my/our names in the negative listing of any Credit Card bureau or institution. I further waive any defense of minority or illiteracy on any extension Cardholders.

    By acceding to the Bank's Terms and Conditions for account opening and accommodation for credit card subject of this application and other financial products, I agree that Maybank may collect, hold, use, and share my Personal Information pursuant to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10173) for so long as I remain to be a client and for as long as my records and Personal Information are required and/or allowed by law to be retained and processed, whether for my protection or for the protection and pursuit of the legitimate interests and/or business purposes of Maybank, such as (but not limited to) provision of any service or product to me, or relating to my deposit account, outsourcing purposes and for data processing or storage, statistical and risk analysis and risk management purposes. I also allow Maybank to send invitations to apply for a Maybank Credit Card or other bank products via two-way SMS and e-mail. By applying, I also signify my acceptance to the terms and conditions in processing my Maybank Credit Card Application without the need of any physical application.

    Finally, pursuant to Republic Act (R.A.) No. 9510 which created the Credit Card Information Corporation (CIC), and its implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), I understand that Maybank is mandated to submit to CIC, for its consolidation, my basic credit data and any update or corrections thereon, as may be defined in said Republic Act and its IRR. Consequently, for purposes of establishing my credit worthiness, I consent to the sharing of my basic credit data and update or corrections thereon to the CIC, other lenders and other credit reporting agencies duly authorized or accredited by the CIC.

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