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    Get 15% off on your subscription to The Economist using your Maybank Credit Card

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    3. Promo period is from March 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021
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    5. The offer is applicable for delivery within the Philippines.
    6. The Economist shall provide the subscription in accordance with the terms and conditions found at The terms are considered accepted when the order is submitted.
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    Important Notice: The Economist wants its readers to experience and have access to all of their journalism. And if anything impedes the delivery of the print edition—as is currently the case in some countries—subscribers can still be confident of uninterrupted access to The Economist coverage.

    With this in mind, The Economist has changed its subscription packages where "Print-only" subscriptions have been discontinued from 11th May 2020 onwards, and all the subscribers who had availed the "Print-only" subscriptions will be upgraded to "Print + digital" subscriptions.

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